What actions can we each take to stop this course of action in its tracks and get to gender equality FASTER?

By , Founder & CEO,

At Sequin, we were stunned by the findings of : that gender equality is 208 years away. If you haven’t seen the star-studded video starring Melinda Gates and some of our favorite comedians, . Re-watching it two years…

Is it a credit card’s job to teach you about credit? At Sequin, we believe it is.

By Vrinda Gupta, Founder & CEO, Sequin

Over the past few months, our team has been heads down, talking to women about their experiences with credit. …

By Sequin HQ

Without a solid financial education, a disadvantages women in to credit across our lifetimes. To close that gap, Sequin is .

Credit is essential to realize our life goals — like getting cars and homes, starting businesses and families…

By Sequin HQ

There are plenty of credit card blogs out there — consider this your single source of (simple) truth. Here are the top 10 actions you need to take to keep building better credit, curated by the credit experts at .

Before diving into our credit tips, check…

Team Sequin

Let’s talk credit, woman to woman. Developed by the credit experts at Sequin. Join us at .

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