• Tabitha Hudnall

    Tabitha Hudnall

  • Jade Ashley Smith

    Jade Ashley Smith

  • Eloho Omame

    Eloho Omame

    I write about venture capital, technology & innovation, gender & equality | Co-Founder: @FirstCheckHQ | www.link.tree/elohogm | Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • NBA BA

    NBA BA

  • Josh Ephraim

    Josh Ephraim

    legal counsel to startups and VCs, jd-mba, former investor at Dorm Room Fund

  • Miranda Garrido

    Miranda Garrido

    User Experience, Design Strategy & FinTech

  • Spandana


    Entrepreneur & Engineer | Currently hacking at fbpay

  • Kimi Kaneshina

    Kimi Kaneshina

    Late night thinker, outdoor adventurer, design lover, marketer, feminist

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